College Roller Foundation

by Jake Kopitzke

The College Roller Foundation is a volunteer run tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to raise and distribute funds to deserving college roller hockey student athletes in the form of scholarships. US Roller Cup is proud to announce that we intend to donate roughly 30% of our revenue to the College Roller Foundation, thereby guaranteeing that the College Roller Foundation will be able to award substantial scholarships. 

College teams will compete for scholarships at competitions put on by Host Parters. Teams will accumulate scholarships over the course of a season by competing at these events. The scholarships will be awarded to the players during the following season. Coaches of the teams will notify the College Roller Foundation who will be receiving the scholarships from the amount they've accumulated from the previous season. The College Roller Foundation will then send the scholarships to the players. 

Due the fact that scholarships are accumulated prior to the season they are awarded there will be a mix of graduating seniors that don't get scholarships, returning players that do or not, and incoming freshman that may or not. 

The College Roller Foundation isn't a tournament series, league, championship, governing body, or sanctioning agency. However, the College Roller Foundation welcomes relationships with any such agencies or individuals that share in the College Roller Foundation's vision and goals.

You can learn more about the College Roller Foundation here