GS-JJ Official Medal Sponsor of Winter Nationals

by Jake Kopitzke

We're thrilled to announce that GS-JJ is now the "Official Medal Sponsor of US Roller Cup Winter Nationals." Congratulations to GS-JJ!

GS-JJ is a renowned name in custom-made medals, known for quality and innovation. They've earned this prestigious title by consistently delivering medals that capture the spirit of competition and honor athletes' achievements.

For all roller enthusiasts, this partnership means exciting opportunities. When it comes to celebrating your victories, GS-JJ has you covered. Whether you're a team, league, or rink, GS-JJ offers high-quality, personalized medals to showcase your successes.

We encourage all participants in the US Roller Cup Winter Nationals to consider GS-JJ for their medal needs. With GS-JJ, you'll get top-notch craftsmanship and a range of customization options, turning your medals into symbols of your dedication and hard work.

As we embark on this journey with GS-JJ as the Official Medal Sponsor, remember that medals are more than metal and ribbon; they symbolize passion and excellence. GS-JJ understands this, and together, we'll celebrate countless moments of triumph in roller.

Congratulations to GS-JJ once again. To all athletes gearing up for the US Roller Cup Winter Nationals, may your journey be filled with thrilling victories celebrated with GS-JJ medals. Your accomplishments are worth commemorating, and GS-JJ is here to help. Roll on, champions!