Winter Nationals In The Peach State

by Jake Kopitzke

We are stoked to announce that our first Winter Nationals tournament will be taking place President's Day Weekend 2024 in Snellville, GA, at the classic SGAA! Registration will open Wednesday, August 30th at 5:00 pm EST. 

Southeastern roller has fallen off quite a bit in the last 15 years. Atlanta, in particular, used to be a deep and deadly scene with tons of talent. This area seems to be all but forgotten these days. We are proud to be bringing back highly competitive roller to the southeast on a regularly scheduled basis. SGAA is the only full-time, two sheet, indoor roller facility for more than 500 miles in every direction. We believe that it is an important stop on the circuit. There are a lot of players in the Southeast, but not a lot of places to play. We hope that this is seen as a sign of our commitment to invest our time, energy, and resources into markets that need more attention. 
For those unfamiliar with this barn, each rink is between a 4 foot raised mezzanine that the spectators view from. This gives each rink a sunken feeling. With people pouring over the glass, you can hear every chirp and boo. This place gets loud! SGAA is the closest thing roller hockey has to a gladiator pit.
If this particular location and date don't work for your team, have no fear because we plan on coming to rinks all over the country. This is just the beginning. We are trying to serve a wide range of divisions for this event, and thus, spots in each division are limited. We plan on having 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, Men's A, Men's B, Women's, and Pro. The Pro event will feature a 1st place prize of $9,000 and a 2nd place prize of $1250. Registration fee for Pro is $1250 and $750 for all other teams.